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Nature House Products

Welcome to the Erva retail website. We are the actual makers of these Lawn & Garden products. You are ordering from our factory in Chicago Illinois! 

We make hooks, deck hangers, poles, baffles and shepherd staffs designed to hold bird feeders and flower baskets in your garden, on your deck, patio and porch. Our World's Greatest™ Squirrel Baffles are the best selling US made baffles on the market! Most companies import such items as an afterthought. At Erva, they are our primary thought.

Erva products are not ordinary mass market, cheaply produced imports. We believe that there is little value in saving money if what you buy doesn't last. Erva produces only well engineered, quality products that perform to exacting standards. Guaranteed.

Our Nature House / TRIO Purple Martin Houses have been part of the Erva family of brands since 2006. We proudly produce the pioneering and market leading brand of aluminum purple martin houses, right here in America. Erva products are available at independent garden centers and specialty retailers across America. The Erva factory showroom is located just a few miles west of Chicago's Navy Pier. Please visit!