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MSS12RSU2 - Two Unassembled Story Additions (Made In USA)


Two Full story additions - unassembled. Cost per floor in the two pack is $74.99 (Free Shipping). For those of you that don't mind doing the assembly yourselves, this kit includes everything you need to build two stories on top of your MSS12R purple martin house. Note: The addition of more than one story per house (4 and 5 story houses require Winch) also requires the addition of our WCK Winch to handle the added weight: WCK Winch Conversion Kit The addition is also available in packs of three unassembled floors at reduced cost of $72.66 (and free shipping) per floor:MSS12RSU3

1 pc Small Wrench Tool
8 pcs 6-32 x 5/16 Screws (For securing the outer wall to floor beneath) 
8 pcs 6-32 x 1-1/4 Screws (For perches)
16 pcs 6-32 Nuts
8 pcs Acorn Nuts (for Tie Rods)
8 pcs Perch Rail Supports
4 pcs Tie Rods
4 pcs Porch Perch Rails
4 pcs Floor Sections With Pre-Installed Floor Clips
12 pcs Doors
6 pcs Internal Enlargeable Compartment Plugs
12 pcs Winter Door Stops
4 pcs Inner Wall Divider Without Port Hole
4 pcs Inner Wall Divider With Port Hole
2 pc Center Dividing Wall
12 pcs Nest Elevating Subfloors 
4 pcs Outer Walls With Pre-Attached Rails

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  • Model: MSS12RSU2