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ST1 - Sparrow Trap (Made In USA)


The ST-1 Sparrow Trap has heavy galvanized wire netting, 2 bait cups, and trip perches. Live trap can be mounted on post or set on ground. Two trapping compartments with a center holding compartment. Bait with nest material for best results. When a trap is in use it should be closely monitored in order to promptly release any beneficial species that may become trapped.ST-1 Sparrow Trap. Assembled. Live Trap, does not harm birds. Pole mount or place on the ground; 2 trap compartments, one holding. Size: 21"x10-3/4"x6-3/4" 6 lbs.

Parts always available: ST1 Parts

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  • Model: ST1
  • Manufactured by: Erva - Made in USA